Excuses, Excuses

I have been sick and busy. I realize I am doing more apologizing for not posting than actual posting lately, but hopefully we'll be back in the swing of things soon.



Keeping with the previous post about Jesu, the sort of metal-slowcore band, here is a post about a hard rock post-rock band. Tides hail from Boston. I first heard them in a pretty random fashion pretty much totally by accident. The story begins with my former roommate Mike, who plays in a hardcore band called Attrition. Even though hardcore is not exactly my scene, I do like the music from time to time, and Mike's a good guy all around, so I would go to his shows in the area when I got a chance.

At one particular show, Attrition were second on a bill of five that was headlined by Good Clean Fun, the posicore legends, if such a term even makes sense. First on that bill was a band called Backstabbers, Inc., who frankly kind of sucked. Maybe they were just having a bad night, who knows, I haven't heard anything by them before or since, but I'm calling them like I see them. Anyway, one of the dudes from that band had at the merch table samplers from his DIY label, TDB (Teenage Disco Bloodbath). I picked one up, as they were free and all. Not the worst sampler I ever owned, but not the best either. Most prominently featured though was an amazing instrumental band called Tides, from Boston. Picture Explosions in the Sky, only really really heavy, and that gets you somewhere in the ballpark. Or better yet, download this:

Tides - Resurface

You can buy their records here. Everything they've put out is pretty cool, particularly the limited edition etched vinyl EP, which I picked up at a show in University City (Phila) last summer. They are touring in late spring. They put on a good (loud!) show, which I recommend checking out. Dates are on their MySpace.


Sorry, Part Deux

I have been very busy and also sick. It has not been conducive to posting. However, since I am not inclined to go out and make other people sick much this weekend, hopefully I will get a post or two up. Thanks for your patience.