Hilarity Ensues

I've been holding onto this one for a long time. Really I have. Perhaps the single funniest, and simultaneously the single saddest, track I can even think of. I first heard this as a freshman in college some five years ago, and I have always known it would find its way into a blog post some rainy day. Well, ladies and gentlemen, today is that day.

I give you the Macho Man Randy Savage's anti-Hulk Hogan battle rap, "Be a Man." This would have been alarming if it had been released when Hogan and Savage were at their peaks when I was young, but note the 2003 release date. And the lyrics speak for themselves. Wow. Snap into a Slim Jim:

Macho Man Randy Savage - "Be a Man"


April (The Album)

Exciting news: the new Sun Kil Moon record is streaming through tomorrow on the band's Myspace. It's very, very good. A personal favorite is "Lucky Man", but it's all pretty good. Touring now, see the official site for more details.


What a Cruel God We've Got

I have made no secret on this site in the past of my love for David Bazan and his various projects. By my count, I have seen various configurations of he and Pedro the Lion more times than any other artist (5, I think). Needless to say, I'm a fan.

A thread on the pedrothelion.org forums reminded me of a Pedro the Lion rarity of sorts, that being what is technically the last Pedro the Lion song ever recorded, the electric guitar version of "The Devil is Beating His Wife", which became "Cold Beer and Cigarettes" on the Fewer Moving Parts EP (which was recently re-released on Barsuk). In some ways, I like it better than the EP version. For your listening pleasure, here it is:

Pedro the Lion - The Devil is Beating His Wife (electric version)

Bazan is also on tour right now, with three shows coming up next month opening for another one of my favorite musicians, Mark Kozelek. Dates are available on either of the artists' websites.