It's Already Over in October, Already at Christmas Every Year

Jackson C. Frank's story is perhaps the most tragic in the history of music. Huge statement, I know, but it's pretty hard to even believe once you've read it. He released exactly one full-length record, which has been in and out of print since the mid 60s. The most famous track from it is "Blues Run the Game", which was covered by Simon and Garfunkel, who were friends of Frank's. He recorded some more material in the 90s, but his voice was pretty shot and his various health problems were beginning to catch up with him.

Knowledge of his music has gone by the wayside to some extent, which is a shame, because it's really very good. Even the later stuff has some highlights, including, for example, the excellent "October", which is appended to this post. If you can buy Blues Run the Game, which is a retrospective including Frank's eponymous debut and pretty much every other recording he ever made, I would recommend you do.

Jackson C. Frank - October

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Simon said...

Hmm, that Wikipedia entry is some Candide-esque stuff. Sounds like the guy had pretty bad luck all his life.

I have to say though, being a folk singer is almost like being a poet. And being successful in that business takes a lot of luck.

I like what I can hear on the mp3, but it keeps skipping or something when I play it.