Liveblogging the Grammys (Why not?)

Since I am stuck watching this crap anyway at my housemates' behest, I might as well step in with commentary. Starting a bit late.

(8:28) -- Carrie Underwood's guitarist is extremely foxy. Then again, most women with guitars are. Otherwise though, this song is boring the shit out of me.

(8:32) -- Sheryl Crow and Leanne Rimes? Really? I wasn't even aware Leanne Rimes was still making music. Not looking too good.

(8:33) -- I am pulling for the Steeldrivers. I don't really know any of these songs, but that one sounds the most like something I would listen to.

(8:34) -- Of course not. I am not familiar with this song, but what they are playing of it sure sounds schlocky.

(8:42) -- Song of the Year. God I hope it's not the Estelle song. I hate that song. --- Coldplay. Well I guess that's ok. I think they have gotten really full of themselves. But, not a terrible song.

(8:44) -- Kid Rock, what the fuck happened to you? While I never liked dude all that much, this pales in comparison to what he used to have going.

(8:46) -- Annnnnd this performance just took a turn from bad to worse. What the hell is this Sweet Home Alabama thing?

(8:55) -- This is bland but it could be worse. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus can at least sing, and she can play the guitar, and such. So that's good. Still, the song is kind of... inane.

(8:58) -- I'm okay with Plant and Krauss winning. Their record isn't all it's hyped up to be, but given the alternatives, not a bad choice.

(9:09) -- Cain and Abel reference? Really?

(9:11) -- Stevie Wonder, what the fuck are you doing involving yourself with this performance?

(9:12) -- Oh no, I do not need to see the Jonas Brothers sing "Superstition". And flub a lyric, no less (I think -- sure sounded that way to me).

(9:14) -- Ah, the Blink-182 reunion. With a still semi-damaged Travis Barker.

(9:16) -- This one Coldplay did not deserve. Sorry.

(9:22) -- What is Craig Ferguson doing here? Oh, awkwardly introducing Katy Perry, that almost makes sense.

(9:27) -- I hate this song. Hate it. Hate, hate, hate it. Also note her use of a backing track on the chorus. Shows a lot of faith in her abilities.

(9:30) -- My vote goes to Adele ---- wait for it, it will not be her.

... shit, I'm wrong. Sweet. Girlfriend can sing, at least.

(9:37) -- Morgan Freeman! Yes! Wait, you consider Kenny Chesney a friend? Really? And what is this shlock?

(9:40) -- What a weird combination of people presenting. Herbie is looking good eh? Allison Krauss and Plant win again for Record of the Year. I guess I'm ok with that.

(9:48) -- Queen Latifah presents lifetime achievement to Dean Martin? Weird. M.I.A. is SO PREGNANT. This cannot be healthy. And we have Kanye, Lil' Wayne, Jay-Z and T.I. Damn that was tight.

(9:54) -- Kate Beckinsale looks really, really good. Wow. And introducing Sir Paul. Bomb.

(9:56) -- ... and this is surprisingly not an awful performance of "I Saw Her Standing There". Dave Grohl is pounding the drums a bit too hard, but that's okay. It's what he does. Epic guitar solo.

(10:05) -- Jack Black. Yes. Please give this to James Taylor or Paul McCartney. Really? Fucking John Mayer? Fuck that guy.

(10:07) -- Jay Mohr even bombs at the Grammys. What the fuck.

(10:10) -- This song is a lot better the way it's being performed here than the studio version they played earlier.

(10:11) -- and Adele. Cool with that too.

(10:19) -- Gwyneth -- what are you thinking with that dress girl? I mean. Not to be fashion bitch here, but ... oh well, whatever, Radiohead with the USC marching band, so there's that.

(10:21) -- This is kind of awesome. I was skeptical, but. Kind of awesome.

(10:28) -- Samuel L. Jackson really is in everything, huh?

(10:31) -- This J.T./T.I. jam is pretty tight. No further comments, really, but I'm enjoying it.

(10:35) -- Most boring part of the night. Blah blah blah, pat selves on the back, Obama won Grammys, lets steal his "yes we can" line, etc etc, stop talking, I'm bored, so bored.

(10:37) -- "The whole world watched as change was ushered in"? Really?

(10:38) -- Is that Jamie Foxx? Weird. (Edit: No, apparently not. Whoops...)

(10:41) -- Motown always brightens my day.

(10:47) -- Shocked, simply shocked(!) that Josh Groban loves Neil Diamond. I never got Neil Diamond, even from the ironic viewpoint. Still don't. Was crap, is crap.

(10:51) -- Have to admit that I never was all that into these dead people montages either. Everyone appears on screen for like 3-5 seconds, what's even the point?

(10:54) -- BB, I love you. John Mayer, what are you doing here? I admit my ignorance, but who are the other two?

(11:02) -- Gary Sinise? Whaaaa? Allen Toussaint, Robin Thicke and Lil Wayne? That's insane. And awesome. Insanely awesome?

(11:06) -- And the Dirty Dozen Brass Band. And Terrence Blanchard. Wow. Awesome.

(11:09) -- Really scraping the bottom of the presenter barrel now. Will.i.am and T-Pain? Seriously. Lil Wayne better win Best Rap Album. For real.

(11:10) -- And Wayne wins. Awesome.

(11:18) -- Zooey Deschanel. Yes. OMG, I love her. Why you gotta marry Ben Gibbard? Whyyy?

(11:19) -- Plant and Krauss sound really good together here. T-Bone Burnett, your hair is terrible.

(11:20) -- Things just took a turn for the worse. This rock stuff is not really working for anyone. I know, I just said that about Robert fucking Plant, but it's unfortunately true.

(11:22) -- Green Day. Hah. If I were still in High School I'd be SO STOKED right now. How did they get to do Album of the Year, seriously? I am pulling for In Rainbows, definitely.

(11:24) -- And showing just how out of touch the Academy remains, it goes to Plant and Krauss. That record was not nearly as good as In Rainbows according to just about any measure I can think of.

Alright I need to go to bed. That was... an experience. I'll probably never do it again, but it was fun to do once.

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