More on Leonard Cohen

Though I hate to admit it, I still get a lot of my music buzz and news from Pitchfork. I agree with them no more than half of the time, but they are better organized than just about anyone, unfortunately.

Good of them, then, to point out that yesterday marked the Columbia/Legacy reissue of Leonard Cohen's first three albums. They also point to some pretty good YouTube clips. The astute will recall that I recently blogged about Cohen here.

Stranger Song, Live on British TV in 1967:

P.S. - Somebody recently pointed out to me that while Sendspace has a much cleaner interface than MegaUpload, they also kill the downloads a lot faster. For the time being, until I get some server space, I am going to go back to MegaUpload, to which I have reuploaded the mp3 from the Cohen post.

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