YouTube Roundup

This is a new feature I am working on where I will periodically post three or four cool/weird YouTube clips I have stumbled across of interesting performances.

Emily Haines of Metric performing one of my favorite Neil Young songs at a radio gig. She makes the questionable choice of singing the harmony notes as the melody at a few points, but overall, it captures the feel of the original very well.

Mark Kozelek (of Red House Painters / Sun Kil Moon) performing one of his most recent songs, "Moorestown." The dude who edited the video failed to cut out the end of "Tiny Cities Made of Ashes" at the beginning of the video, but be patient, this song is amazing.

I have been trying to post about this band for awhile but can't find their album or mp3s of it. They are called Pale Pacific, and this song, "Sucker Punch", is fucking great. The beginning is cut off, but it's better than the other video of this song where the audio clips constantly.

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