What Am I Doing, Anyway?

As many of my readers are undoubtedly aware, Lindsey Buckingham is, most famously, the guitarist in 70s superultramega bestselling group Fleetwood Mac, writing... pretty much of all of my favorites among the group's songs. He also has done some solo work, including the (in)famous "Holiday Road", featured prominently in National Lampoon's Vacation. Prior to the past year, he hadn't released any new solo material in over a decade.

Fortunately, that came to an end with the release of last year's Under the Skin. I am not going to pretend it's a perfect album. The production is corny and dated, and the songs are somewhat hit and miss. At the end of the day, though, the man is a great guitar player and clearly has some top-notch songs left in him. The best song on Under the Skin is appended to this post, in a live version taken from Buckingham's performance at Philadelphia's Theatre of the Living Arts, soon to be rechristened with the unfortunate moniker "The Fillmore Philadelphia." *Shudder*. Anyway, enjoy the tune.

Lindsey Buckingham - Not Too Late (live 3-27-07)

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