Staring Straight Across the Silence

Jason Molina is a complicated musical entity. On the one hand, his songwriting and voice are so distinctive as to be instantly recognizable in virtually any context. On the other, he has gone through more stylistic shifts than Radiohead in the last ten years. The self-titled Songs:Ohia "black" album, everything was just Molina and a tenor guitar. As time went on, the music got more ambient and the tenor guitar disappeared, a period exemplified by the excellent The Lioness and the more challenging, but still very good, Ghost Tropic. From there, his music went through a period of rapid changes, moving through my two favorite Molina albums: the blues-folk Didn't It Rain and the heavier blues rock Mi Sei Apparso Come Una Fantasma. More recently, Molina has focused his attention on Magnolia Electric Co, a Neil Young-inspired country-rock band, who put on a pretty damned good live show.

Appended to this post, you will a track from one of those transitional albums, the live Mi Sei Apparso Come Una Fantasma (English: "You appeared to me like a ghost"), recorded in Italy and released locally. The record is, unfortunately, out of print. Well worth finding if you can get your hands on it. The track is entitled "Are We Getting Any Closer?" Enjoy.

Songs: Ohia - Are We Getting Any Closer?

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